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Why is a drum set so important to drummers?

It’s hard to imagine a drummer without a drumset.

The rhythm and harmony of a drum kit is as important to the sound as the instrument itself.

But it can be tricky to find the right drum set.

So we asked one of the industry’s leading drum builders, Dave Lees, to take a look at why the drum set is so important.

“We need a drumkit that’s comfortable to wear,” Lees says.

“A drumset is the perfect instrument for the kind of music that’s going to get you into a rhythm.

You want a sound that’s natural and consistent, that’s not artificial.

So when you have a drum pad, you can go back and forth between the cymbals and the pads and the cymals.”

It’s not just the drum kit that needs to be comfortable, though.

The drum kit should also be reliable.

That means that, when a drum is hit with a hammer, the pad should stay in place.

And the pads should be designed to stay in the position they’re placed when they’re hit.

The more consistent the pads are, the more consistent your drumming.

“The more that you are able to use the pad as the primary drum, then you have the best chance of staying in the groove, and if you don’t have a good groove, you’re going to be frustrated with your performance,” Leys says.

It’s also important to have a clear view of the sound you’re trying to make.

If you have any doubt about your sound, a drumpad will give you a clear picture of where your sound is heading.

“You’re trying something new,” Leess says.

You’re trying a new sound.

So what’s a good drum pad for you?

One of the best drum pads you can buy is the Nymax, a $400 drum kit.

Its large, high-quality rubber pad is a good size, Lees explains.

But the pads also have a lot of padding and it also has a built-in mic.

Lees recommends the Notha pad for people who like to work in the studio.

Its larger and more comfortable, and it’s also much cheaper than the Numba.

But you can also pick up the $180 Vibe, which has the same size pad and a better mic, as well as a bigger drum.

You can get both pads for around $70 each.

A second good choice is the Mute drum pad.

It comes with a good mic, Leess recommends.

But he also has some other great options: the $200 Drumline, which is a big drum set with a solid drum pad and two drum heads, and the $300 Fuzzy Fuzz, which costs about the same.

These are great choices for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Leess also has two $300 kits: the Nthar Drum Set ($150) and the Ndipro Drum Set.

Both have solid pads and good mic options.

“If you have some sort of budget, then if you’re really interested in the sound of the drum, the Nrdar is the way to go,” Leeds says.

The Nthamax and the Fuzzys are a little less expensive, but they both have the same mic and are a bit bigger.

Both of these are great for beginners who want a great feel and feel-good sound, but who don’t want to get too heavy into the studio and spend hours and hours.

“For someone like me who likes to be on the edge, who wants to push it a little bit more, the FZ is probably the way I’d go,” says Lees.

“I’d probably take a little more of the Nths if I’m trying to be a little aggressive or just try something a little different.”

So which drum pad is best for you and what kind of drum gear do you need?

If you’re looking for a new drum set, here are some recommendations from Lees: The Numbamax, $400