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Why does the NFL keep switching up its helmets?

The league has continued to experiment with different helmets in recent years, including this year’s revamped helmet that’s lighter and has more visor space.

It also has some more radical changes coming up, including a new mesh construction that can be used in all of its existing helmet designs.

We asked the league for the latest helmet news, and the answer is pretty obvious.

The NFLPA released the following statement to, saying the league has been in discussion with manufacturers to create a more versatile helmet that is compatible with all helmet styles: We are happy to report that the NFL is actively exploring a helmet that meets the needs of players and fans around the league.

This new helmet design is also designed to be worn on a variety of different equipment, such as helmets, jerseys, gloves, pads, and even a headband.

The helmet can be worn with any helmet type or color combination.

The league hopes to unveil this new helmet by the end of the year.

Here are some of the details the league’s working on: The new helmet will incorporate an improved visor and a mesh construction which offers additional surface area and improved airflow, reducing drag and creating a cleaner, more streamlined appearance.

The new mesh structure will allow the helmet to be used on any helmet.

The overall design will be consistent across the NFL and can be found in helmets and helmets that are currently being manufactured by various manufacturers.

The redesigned helmet will be a more ergonomic helmet with a more modern design.

As we reported previously, the league is working on a new helmet that will include mesh, as well as a helmet with mesh that is less likely to break in a rainstorm.

The mesh construction has also been upgraded to a softer material.

This is also known as a visor shell, and it has been found to be more stable in windy conditions and less likely than a metal shell to snap off.

It is also more durable than a mesh shell, which could result in better performance on the field, and better durability than a plastic shell, the latter of which is designed to withstand the rigors of the game.

The updated helmet will also have a longer collar that allows for a better fit for players.

The collar has been redesigned and will have a larger opening, and will allow players to wear their helmets up to 14 inches above the shoulder and up to 15 inches above their head.

This will allow for a more comfortable fit for the players.

It will also allow the collar to slide back and forth with the players as they wear their helmet.

Finally, the collar is wider and narrower, and can accommodate a helmet of any size.

The visor is thinner than the current helmet and is designed for players who prefer a more traditional helmet, and is lighter and more durable.

We’ll have more on this helmet and the other changes coming down the pipeline, including the new mesh helmet.

This helmet is a complete redesign of the existing helmet.

We can’t say it’s the most aesthetically pleasing helmet that the league currently has, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

The other changes that the helmet will include are: Improved ventilation for players to reduce drag and increase airflow around the head.

A larger, more open collar that offers greater mobility.

A longer collar and collar extension for better fit.

A new mesh that offers more airflow and better insulation around the neck and shoulder area.

An improved helmet design that allows the helmet for the player to wear the helmet up to 16 inches above his head, which is more comfortable and allows players to use their helmets more comfortably.

The jersey and glove shell are now the same thickness, and are the same length, so players can wear the gloves up to 10 inches below the wrist.

The player’s jersey and helmet will not need to be re-fitted.