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Why are there more potassium electrons in the world than lithium?

I’m going to ask a few questions.

First, why are there so many potassium electrons?

Well, because we need them.

When we put potassium in our cells, we need the electrons.

And potassium makes us more efficient at storing energy in our bodies.

But we also need to keep the potassium in the body, because potassium ions can build up inside of our cells and cause the cells to explode.

We need potassium to protect our organs, but we also have to keep our organs healthy.

The second reason that we need potassium is because it is essential to our bodies’ functioning.

Because potassium is necessary for the life of the cells, it can also be toxic.

If the potassium that is in our body is removed, our bodies will not function properly.

But when we have potassium in, it protects us from toxic substances.

For example, potassium is needed for the function of the kidneys.

It is necessary to help us function properly because it helps us to filter out harmful substances.

So potassium in is a vital part of our bodies functioning.

And the third reason that potassium is vital to our health is because potassium is what makes our bodies so good at recycling.

When our bodies are depleted of potassium, we can develop health problems that are very common in other animals, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

So if we get too many potassium ions in our bloodstream, it is likely that our cells will explode and that we will have health problems.

So we need to get as much potassium as possible.

And when we do that, our kidneys and liver will be able to recycle potassium and give it back to our cells.

And because of the recycling process, potassium in also helps to protect us from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

So the potassium is critical to our body’s functioning, so it makes a great candidate for the discovery of the source of potassium.