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What happens when you replace a PlayStation?

When Sony’s PlayStation 4 was announced at E3 2016, many people thought it would be the last of the company’s gaming console lineups.

A year on, it’s finally confirmed that the console is still going strong.

In fact, it may not even be the end of the line.

With new games coming out every week, there’s no shortage of entertainment options for the PlayStation 4, and that’s something many gamers are looking forward to.

That’s where the target electronics repair shop comes in.

You may have heard of it before.

It’s a small business in Manchester, England that specialises in repairing the Sony consoles and other electronic devices, and now it’s coming back to life.

It started as a hobby in 2014, and since then, it has expanded to handle all of Sony’s console hardware and accessories.

And with a few more games to go, the shop is hoping to keep growing.

But the main focus of the business is the PlayStation consoles.

“Our main focus is the Sony PlayStation 4.

It is an iconic console,” said Mark Thompson, the owner.

“It’s not just a hardware platform for us, but it’s also an entertainment platform for gamers.”

It started off with a simple mission.

“We were selling Sony games, but the idea of having a shop that sells PS4 hardware and consoles just seemed like a really good idea,” he said.

“In terms of a hardware shop, we sell Sony consoles.

But we also have PlayStation accessories, which are a huge part of the sales.”

So, what’s a typical day at the shop like?

“I work from 8am to 4pm, every day.

We do two shifts a day, so we do two hours in the morning and two hours at night.

The majority of the time, we’re working on our PS4s.

The main focus then, is to get the consoles repaired, which is very much a work in progress.”

We’ve had our share of failures.

We’ve had the consoles, but also the controllers and the software that is used to play them.

We have our own electronics shop, and we’ve also got a lot of other people that work on our equipment.

We love what we do. “

This has been a long-term dream of ours for a long time.

We love what we do.

It just feels like a good fit for the city,” said James Farr, the boss of the shop.

“With the current generation of consoles, we feel the technology has progressed a lot in terms of performance and the design.

We feel that the PS4 is in a good position, and it’s a fantastic platform to be working on.”

If the shop can continue to grow, it will be a place where gamers can come and get the latest news on what’s going on in gaming.

And the future is bright for the shop as well.

“I don’t think we’re going to stop here,” said Thompson.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to keep going.”

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