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Walmart electronics sells cheap, yet useful battery pack

The electronics giant Walmart is selling a battery pack that can charge the electronics giant’s popular electric vehicle, the Tesla, in less than a minute.

The battery pack is a two-foot by two-feet (50 by 60 centimeters) cube that Walmart claims will charge the Tesla for around a week, making it one of the most affordable batteries available.

The $29 battery pack features a charging port for the Tesla that Walmart says can be plugged into a wall outlet.

The charger plugs into a power strip and connects to the Tesla via a USB cable.

The Walmart batteries come in four different configurations: a single, single, dual, and three-power configurations.

The company also sells a battery charger, a single-speed, dual-speed and three-, four-, or five-speed charging mode for the battery.

The Tesla’s charger has a five-foot (1.5 meter) extension cord.

The charger will also come with a USB port and a power outlet.

The batteries are designed to charge a Tesla Model S sedan for up to nine hours, according to the Walmart website.

Walmart said that it would be selling its batteries for the first time at a dealership in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Walmart says the batteries are a “lightweight and affordable way to get started” with charging a Tesla.