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UK tech giant Amazon to launch ‘super cloud’ of ultra-fast and ultra-low-latency Internet, cloud service

Amazon will launch a new super cloud-like service to power its cloud-based computing, internet and entertainment businesses in the UK.

The company said the service will be a full-fledged cloud computing platform that will be built on top of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a new hyper-scale platform.

“The new service will offer an ultra-efficient and flexible solution to meet customers’ cloud computing needs.

The service will also offer the same level of performance as Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (Amazon EBS) and Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (Amazon LAF).

Amazon’s new service is the culmination of an extensive search and development effort and is a major step in the evolution of Amazon’s cloud computing strategy,” said Marc Miller, general manager, Amazon EC2.

Amazon EBS and Amazon LAF are two hyper-computing platforms developed by Amazon that are designed to deliver the same levels of performance and scalability as Amazon’s EC2 and EBS services.

The new service comes just days after Amazon announced a move into the cloud-storage market, the first time it has done so.

Amazon Elastic Storage, which it bought in February, aims to enable companies to easily scale their online infrastructure, allowing them to offer a faster and more secure online experience.

It also has an aggressive plan to move into video and other online media, with plans to launch its first video service, Amazon Video, in the US this year.

The move to the cloud will also enable Amazon to offer its services on the cloud as a service (SaaS) rather than as a separate service, which has led to a growing number of SaaS services offering on-premises, cloud-hosted storage.

“Amazon is positioning itself as the leader in the cloud.

We see this as the key to its future success,” said Paul Graham, executive vice president of cloud and enterprise solutions at SAP.

“This is a fundamental shift that is happening at the cloud and it’s important for us to understand what the key components of this transformation are,” he added.

“We’re building this SaaSS solution to support the customers that need it, so we’re making sure that it’s built to scale, to meet their needs, to be the most flexible solution for our customers.”

Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon Cloud Platform will be the service’s main components.

Amazon EC 2 will be used for the storage, and CloudFront will be where Amazon is planning to store its web services and its cloud storage, including its massive data centers.

The cloud service is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Amazon’s latest move into cloud computing comes as it looks to diversify into other markets.

The internet giant last month announced it was buying rival cloud provider Rackspace for $250 million.

The deal is expected close by the end of the year, although it will likely be delayed to coincide with Amazon’s first annual earnings report on Tuesday.

“I think we are taking a lot of the steps we need to take to really get into a different space,” said Ben Baugh, chief technology officer at Amazon.

“For instance, we’re working with Rackspace on a really great cloud platform, and they’re really building on the core AWS platform to build out a really powerful and flexible cloud platform.

It’s going to be really exciting for our users and the world.”