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The world’s most famous, weirdest and most dangerous inventions

The world has witnessed a proliferation of new and strange gadgets and gadgets that are often considered the coolest inventions of all time.

From smartphones to smart lights to wearable computers, many of these innovations have gone through several stages of production before becoming commonplace.

These are the gadgets that have made us into a bunch of crazy people.

But how do these gadgets actually work?

We sat down with scientists from the University of California, Berkeley to find out.

The Smartphone, in a nutshell What makes a smart phone unique is its ability to connect with a computer through Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth and Wi-fi can communicate wirelessly.

These types of wireless connections make smartphones and other wireless devices more than just a communication device.

A smartphone can also communicate with a Wi-Fis device to control its functions.

Some phones also can talk to Wi-Gigs and other types of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The most popular Bluetooth-connected smart phones are: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 9, iPhone 10, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10.

A recent study found that there are approximately 1 billion active Bluetooth-linked devices on the market.

Smartphones with Bluetooth have a range of up to 300 meters.

The Bluetooth technology used in these phones allows them to talk to other Bluetooth-equipped devices, so they can work as a Bluetooth speaker.

A Bluetooth phone is a wireless device that can communicate with Bluetooth-capable devices using Bluetooth, so a Bluetooth phone can be a Bluetooth device in its own right.

Bluetooth can be used for many things, including streaming music, controlling media players, playing music, or sending text messages.

A typical Bluetooth phone connects to your smartphone through the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard.

Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), which was first introduced in 2010, uses wireless technology to communicate with wireless devices.

A BLE phone is an open-access device that communicates with other BLE-enabled phones and devices.

BLE phones have been used to connect to smartphones and tablet computers, as well as other devices that are Bluetooth-compatible.

Some Bluetooth phones can also work as Bluetooth speakers, but the speaker technology is not widely used.

BLS headphones and speakers have been popular since the mid-2000s.

Smartwatches, smartwatches and smartwalls are among the most popular smartwars on the planet, and they are now so popular, that they are increasingly being marketed in a variety of ways.

These gadgets have a touchscreen and a heart rate sensor, along with a camera, an audio system, and more.

The heart rate monitor and camera in a smartwatch or smartwatch accessory can track your heart rate, your activity, and your fitness levels.

This data can be sent to your phone via Bluetooth to help track and improve your fitness.

A smartwatch can be connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth Low E, or Low Energy, technology.

This Bluetooth technology is used for making wireless communication easier.

In Bluetooth Low energy, the signals sent by the iPhone and the heart monitor send data to the Bluetooth-based Smartwatch, which can send data back to the phone via a low-power radio.

A Smartwatch can also connect to an iPhone using Bluetooth Low Power, or Bluetooth Low Signal.

Bluetooth low power is the standard Bluetooth technology that allows for low power communication and data transmission, making Bluetooth low-energy compatible with most mobile devices.

Smartwatch accessories that have been marketed as smartwands, smartwatch bands, and smartwatch watches can connect to iPhones through Bluetooth.

The iPhone is an iPhone-powered device.

Apple introduced the iPhone 4 in 2011, and it was the first iPhone to be able to connect wirelessly to the Internet.

The original iPhone 4 was designed for use with Apple Pay, and Apple Pay is a payment method that requires a credit card to use.

Bluetooth, Low Energy and the Internet are all important parts of Apple Pay.

It was released in late 2015 and the technology has since become ubiquitous, but it takes time for Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low is to become standard.

For now, Apple Pay still requires you to have a credit or debit card to make purchases with the iPhone.

You can pay with Apple cards or with a credit/debit card on any Apple device that supports Bluetooth, but Bluetooth Low technology requires a payment card or Bluetooth Smart.

A wearable device that connects wirelessly with a smartwatch, smart watch, or smart bracelet can be called an accessory.

In most cases, this is a wearable device with a built-in GPS device that is used to track your movements.

A wearable device that uses Bluetooth Low Low can be referred to as an accessory, as the technology allows a wearable to communicate wireably with other wearable devices.

An accessory connects wireably to an Android device that has an Internet connection and can be worn by users of that device.

Android smartphones can connect wireably through Bluetooth technology, so the technology is now available for all Android devices