The Crutchfield Electronics E Ink E Ink Wireless Gaming Keyboard is Here

The Crushingly compact E Ink wireless gaming keyboard from Crutchfields Electronic has a lot of potential for you to build your own gaming PC or portable device.

Crutch Fields Electronic has put together a quick rundown of the E Ink’s keyboard features and performance.

If you’re interested in buying the Crutch Field E Ink, be sure to read our full review.1.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity CrutchField Electronic says it has added Bluetooth wireless support to its E Ink keyboard.

The company says the new feature allows you to connect your PC to your Xbox 360 or PS3, or to your PC via a Bluetooth controller.

Crushingfield Electronic says the Bluetooth pairing process is quick, easy, and safe.2.

Bluetooth 2.1+EDR support CrutchFIELD Electronic says its Bluetooth 2, 1.2, or 1.3 wireless gaming keyboards can now be paired with a Bluetooth 2 audio streaming device like a Sony PlayStation or Xbox One.

This means you can use the same controller as a streaming device to play games.

The E Ink supports Bluetooth 2 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.3.

Ergonomic keys Crutch fields Electronic says Ergonomics can be improved with the E ink, too.

Crutfield Electronic’s Ergodox Keyboard has a light weight design, while its mechanical keys feel smooth.

CrunchField Electronic said the ergonomic keys are made with extra-thick rubber to keep the keys in place.4.

Full-size USB port Crutch is one of the few manufacturers to offer USB 3.0 ports for gaming keyboards.

Crushfield Electronic has released a full-size version of its keyboard for gaming.

It comes with an HDMI port, USB 3, USB 2.0, USB 1.1, and 2 USB 3 ports.

It also has a USB Type-C port and HDMI port for future upgrades.

CrutterField Electronic has also added USB Type A, USB Type C, and HDMI ports to the keyboard.5.

USB Type B connector Crutch says it’s offering USB Type 2.2 ports for future expansion.

Crutingfield Electronic is also adding USB Type G for future plug and play USB peripherals.

It offers both Type-A and Type-B ports for USB Type 3.6.

USB 3 audio port Crutfields Electronic says USB 3 is a full USB 3 port that you can plug into your gaming console, tablet, or PC.

Cruto’s USB 3 Audio is an audio port that can be used to connect an audio source like an Xbox One controller or PlayStation 4 gamepad.

It supports Dolby Digital and DTS Digital surround sound.

The USB 3 adapter is available now for $29.99.