Manchester United fans celebrate in the dying seconds of a 3-0 win over Liverpool

The mood at Old Trafford at the end of the 3-1 defeat was somber.

The mood was even more so in the stands.

United fans were celebrating at half-time and even the Liverpool supporters had turned up to take part in the celebrations.

It was a special moment for a club that has endured the worst of the last five years.

But for the United fans it was a moment of tragedy.

The first team had scored twice and scored four goals in a period of nine minutes.

In that time, the Reds had created just one shot on target.

Liverpool’s goal came in the first half and was a stunning one, a strike which saw Kevin Stewart score the opener.

United’s second goal was a sublime free-kick from the edge of the area which made it 3-2 at the break.

But Liverpool’s fourth goal was perhaps the greatest of the game.

A low cross from substitute Wayne Rooney, headed in by David De Gea, was met by De Gean who curled a stunning shot across the top of the bar.

With that, Liverpool had pulled even.

But United fans celebrated as the Reds’ manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, finally saw out the match.

They were left wondering what could have been and how their side could have turned out better than they did.

This was a time when United fans should have been proud of their team and their supporters, they should have taken the match to them, they shouldn’t have let the Reds get the lead.

But they didn’t.

And it’s a feeling that was shared by many supporters at Old Mancunian.

As the game wore on, it became clear that Liverpool were in control.

But when the referee, Michael Oliver, awarded a penalty to the visitors, it was Liverpool who took control.

There was no celebration in Old Trafford when the penalty was awarded and the Reds were left with nothing to show for it.

The Liverpool fans had been waiting for a moment like this for a long time.

United were at their best when the score was 2-2.

But this was no time to be at ease.

Liverpool dominated possession in the early stages of the second half and Liverpool were content to let the momentum carry on.

They did well to keep United at bay and they were rewarded for their work when Suarez found the net with a low shot.

But in the final seconds, the celebrations started to slow down.

The Reds were still in control and they knew they were close to a fourth.

It would have been a great end to a match in which they had been playing for a place in the Europa League.

But instead, United’s momentum was stripped away and they conceded the winner.

The players on the pitch summed it up perfectly.

United captain Wayne Rooney said afterwards: “We didn’t have the legs to get a result in this game.

We’ve got to do better next time.”

And, rightly so, United have had a tough go of it this season.

They have conceded more goals than any other side in the league, scored fewer goals than Liverpool and lost at least one match in the Champions League.

Liverpool, though, have been the class of the Premier League.

Their form this season has been exceptional, even by their standards.

They won the league title with two matches remaining and they finished fourth in the Premier Leagues table.

They will go into the final of the Champions Leagues this season and have just the same record as United.

And that’s because United were unlucky to get the win.

Their first-half goals should have seen them through, but they didn