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Jameco Electronic Dance Music will open at the Correo Electronic Dance Music event in Miami

Jameca Electronics, the Brazilian electronic dance music company behind Jamecoma, has announced it will host an Electronic Dance music event at its Miami office this weekend.

The company’s DJ, Jameko, will be playing the Correa Electronico in the company’s Miami studio.

The event, scheduled for April 26, will include live performances, a DJ set, and a Q&A with Jameico.

The DJ will be Jamecoin’s own DJ and will perform the Correcio Electronica and Correos De Gaia DJs.

Correo has hosted an Electronic dance music event every year since 2011, and this year it’s set to take place in Miami.

The company, which has offices in Brazil and the United Kingdom, has already hosted an event in Dubai last year.

The event is the second of its kind in Miami, and the first since JameCo Electronic Dance is expanding its business to Miami.

The Miami-based company’s DJs have also been featured on the Disney Channel series ‘The Muppets.’

The event will take place at the Miami’s Coral Plaza Hotel, and tickets will be available for $1,400.