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Electronic parts manufacturer offers discount on electronic parts for sale

Electronic parts maker Discount Electronics is offering discounts on its electronic parts, including a new generation of the company’s first-generation chipsets, according to a listing on its website.

The listing on the online marketplace, which is not affiliated with the manufacturer, lists two types of chipsets: the first, which includes two generations of the first generation of chips, and the second, which will be sold under the new name of First Generation (FY) Series.

The First Generation Series chipsets include the company has released a new, more advanced version of its existing First Generation, which it has dubbed the First Generation II (FYII) chip series.

The new chip is based on a 14nm manufacturing process and uses a new type of lithography, or lithography that produces a lower level of heat and pressure than that found in conventional lithography processes, said the listing, which did not identify the manufacturer or the new chip.

“The First generation is the first product that has achieved this level of performance, reliability, and stability, and we are pleased to offer it for sale at discounted prices,” the listing said.

Discount Electronics also listed two new series of its chipsets for sale under the name First Generation III (FYIII) series, which were also listed as being sold at discounted pricing.

Discontinued products from the company include First Generation IV (FYIV) series chipsets and the First generation II chip series, the listing stated.

Disconditions on the company do not appear to be limited to the chipsets themselves.

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The company has not yet responded to a request for comment.