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Electronic components maker Energo Electronics to create new modular electronic components, expand its portfolio

Electronic components manufacturer Energos Electronics plans to launch a new modular electronics manufacturing line that would offer consumers and makers of electronic components an alternative to traditional assembly-line assembly.

Electronic components maker e-Makers Electronics will expand its product line and expand its production capabilities, as it expands the range of its modular electronic component manufacturing capabilities and builds on its proven manufacturing expertise, the company said in a press release.

The e-makers electronics portfolio is expected to grow to encompass electronic devices and computer peripherals, e-vaporizers and lighting systems, and electronic accessories.

The company is expanding its global production capabilities in the United States and Europe, and will use its experience to develop modular electronic device solutions and expand the range and functionality of its e-liquids products.

“We have proven the quality and value of our products across a wide range of consumer and enterprise markets,” said Mike Johnson, CEO of e-makers Electronics.

“We expect to be a leader in the modular electronics market and are expanding our portfolio of products.”

The e:liquid, an e-liquid with a unique blend of liquid and gel that is created by mixing e-cigarette flavors, is one of the most popular and widely used electronic cigarettes on the market.

E-livers use cartridges, coils and other components that are built into the cartridges.

The e:liquid can be stored in a portable device or in a rechargeable battery.

E:livers are available in flavors such as menthol, caramel and mint.

The company has been working to establish itself as an innovator in modular electronic parts since 2015.

Johnson said that since the launch of the e-cigarettes, Energel is developing modular electronic products, including the e:cigarette, that are more environmentally friendly and more environmentally-friendly than traditional production processes.

e-toys are designed to resemble traditional toys and have been popular in Japan.

The Energas Electronics modular electronic product line will include e-dolls, electronic toys, and e-books.

Johnson also said that Energa has begun working with several OEMs and manufacturers to offer modular electronic systems that can be configured to offer consumers an alternative.

The new line will provide e-bikes, skateboards, and other modular systems that are available at more than 20 retailers worldwide.

The expansion of Energios modular electronic manufacturing capabilities is the latest move by the company.

In 2015, E-Masters began producing electronic parts that can also be assembled in the assembly-and-use facility at its manufacturing facilities in Ohio.

The expanded production capability of the company was announced in 2016.

The new modular e-electronics manufacturing line will be built at a facility in Ohio that also has a U.S. subsidiary, Energizer International Inc. Energs modular electronic assembly line in the Ohio factory will be able to produce e-plugs, electronic devices, electronic accessories and efibers at a rate of 1,000 units per month, according to the company statement.